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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Charlamagne Bout to Get in Busta Rhymes Azz at BET Awards Pre-Party

Last night Charlamagne proved he ain't no punk.  Busta was apparently feeling some type of way because back in 2004, Wendy Williams (Charlamagne's former boss) had Busta's babys mother and his son on her show, and because Charlamagne used to work with Wendy, Busta blamed Charlamagne for the interview.

Charlamagne reportedly tried to tell Busta that he was not working with Wendy Williams back in 2004, but Busta wasn't having it. 

One eyewitness tells, Charlamagne told Busta, "N*gga I will fuck you up. [Busta] said "put your drink down'". Charlamagne then put his drink down and got in Busta's face.

The heated argument was difused before any blows were thrown, but this would've been interesting - either Charlamagne would've been beat to pulp by Busta or a quick lucky should would've knocked his big ass out cold. 

My question is, why is Busta still mad about something back in 2004?  I mean really!!!

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