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Monday, July 23, 2012

BET and MTV Ban Rick Ross' "Hold Me Back" Music Video

According to director TAJ, BET will not give the forthcoming clip some shine.
"So BET rejected Ross' "Hold Me Back" video. It's incredibly sad, because the video is incredibly special & real. You're killing US BET. Smh," he tweeted July 22nd.
"Everybody ask BET why it's ok for them to play "Boyz N the Hood", "Menace to Society", and "South Central", but not Ross' video. RT RT RT" (TAJ's Twitter)
The remarks have since been deleted from TAJ's Twitter page.
BET has reportedly banned the upcoming video for Rick Ross' "Hold Me Back." According to the video's director TAJ, the network has refused to air the video, though there was no reason given for the ban. TAJ took to Twitter to explain his dissatisfaction with BET's decision, but has since deleted the tweets. (HHDX)
Earlier this year, the popular network reportedly banned Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj's "Stupid H*e" music video.

Nicki Minaj has used shock value to stay in the spotlight and to standout from other hip-hop acts. But it looks like her latest video for BET went a little too far. The network is refusing to show "Stupid Hoe," according to TMZ. The network, which had long been criticized for airing sexually suggestive music videos, wouldn't say why they chose to keep the clip off the air, but TMZ cites sources that said the video -- in which Nicki repeat the refrain "You a stupid hoe" over and over and shows what appears to be her bare buttocks -- to be too raunchy. The video hasn't been getting much love on YouTube either:as of this morning, nearly two-thirds of all the people who voted on the video have "disliked it."(Huffington Post)
Last year, West Coast rapper Game accused BET of banning his "Red Nation" music video.
"So BET "BANNED" the #REDNation video !!!!! Said me & @liltunechi were too gang affiliated in it. Thoughts ?," he tweeted Monday (May 9).
"This just in: the video so HARD it just got "BANNED" from MtV too ha ha ha ha....F*CK IT !!!! I'm premering it on Thursday online MYSELF !!!"
"Guess ya single gotta be called "Bubble Gum" to get love ha ha ha....#REDNation premiering on AOL, Vivo & Worldstar Thursday.#bannedFromTV" (Game's Twitter)
Check out "Hold Me Back" behind the scenes footage bleow:

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