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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Are RHOA’s Phaedra Parks And Apollo, Headed For Divorce Court?

According to reports from multiple sources, Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks may be re-joining the “Single Ladies” club as rumors have it that she's thinking of  divorcing, Apollo Nida.
The preacher’s daughter was even recently seen at church ringless, sparking rumours that the separation was on its way.
According to an exclusive from;
The producers from RHOA are trying to snoop and shoot certain scenes of them arguing, but Apollo is just so aggressive he has started to refuse to partake in any filming. Apollo has even started threatening to take their son Ayden and leave.”
The source adds, “Phaedra is amazing with her son Ayden and that’s her main focus throughout all of this. Phaedra showed up to Church Sunday with Ayden, without a ring and without Apollo!”
Guess these two weren't so evenly yoked after all.

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