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Friday, June 1, 2012

Miami Face Eater's Mom Speaks Out [Video]

The family of the ”Miami Zombie” Rudy Eugene (pictured left), who viciously ripped off and ate pieces of Ronald Poppo’s (pictured right) face in a savage and unprovoked attack on May 26, have now come forward to speak out about how unbelievable his crime was and how he had to have been drugged by someone in order to commit the near-fatal assault.
Eugene’s mother, Ruth Charles (pictured left), told ABC News affiliate WPLG that her son could never commit a crime so heinous.  Charles adamantly believes her son was drugged by someone, then dumped in the area where he stumbled upon Poppo and perhaps felt threatened by the homeless man.
Watch Eugene’s mother speak here:
Ironically, Charles was once the victim of her son’s “non-violent” behavior, with Eugene, on one occasion, reportedly trying to kill her.  At the time, when the North Miami police were summoned to the Mother’s home, they wound up reportedly tasering Eugene to get him in control.
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