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Monday, June 4, 2012

Marques Houston Speaks Out: Raz-B’s Molestation Claims

When Raz-B made startling accusations against Marques Houston and Chris Stokes, it was shocking. Now, after several rumors, stunts and failed albums the allegations hold less weight.

With a new book coming out, Raz-B is back on the circuit and now claiming R&B singer–Chris Brown–is gay and once again alleging that he and the other boys of B2K were molested by the big brother figure.
Marques Houston–who also has an album coming out– responded to the claims with is own, including that Raz is on drugs.

On his reaction to the molestation claims:
It was a big joke to me. If you think about the time frames [of] when this guy starts up its always around my album coming out, my album release and now my movie release is coming out so he is talking more.
He is lying but its all lies! It’s all BS. He is an attention whore. He wants that attention because B2K was huge and everybody knows how big B2K was and when something like that is stripped from you, and you can’t get any fame you go to the extreme measures and the dude is psycho.

You have to think about who he is mentioning. For one, I don’t even think Raz has ever met Chris Brown. Chris Brown and Raz B have no connection.  I know Omarion and Chris Brown are really cool but then he starts mentioning Bow Wow. It’s like, who hasn’t he mentioned? Is he going to mention that God did something to him next?

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