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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jay-Z Being Sued Over His Own Book

"Jay-Z Decoded"
Did Jay-Z plagiarize parts of his best-selling book “Decoded”?
That’s what Patrick White is alleging in a lawsuit he filed against the superstar, Dream Hampton and Random House last week. reports:
The lawsuit, which was filed in United States District Court, Central District, claims that White’s laptop was stolen in 2009.
“In 2009, my personal computer was compromised, resulting in my personal work to be used in Jay-Z’s book Decoded which was released in 2010,” White claims.
In the hand-written lawsuit, White claims he was shocked when he saw that portions of a book he had been working on were strikingly similar to portions of “Decoded.”
“The book contains various expressions/colors/phrases, which correlates to my work,” White alleges. “After contacting or attempting to contact the co-author, I got no reply.”
White is suing for copyright infringement and invasion of property.
The first questions that arise are who is Patrick White and how does he think his laptop landed in the hands of Dream Hampton and Jay-Z? This story doesn’t even seem plausible and it will be interesting to see if the court even pays it any attention. If a judge determines this complaint has no merit it won’t be the first time Jay-Z is the subject of a bogus lawsuit.
Earlier this month, an Ohio woman attempted to sue the capital city for $500 billion dollars after her car was impounded and sold. She claimed that Jay-Z and Diddy were “known to have government influence” and were likely involved in her car troubles. Not surprisingly, the judge dismissed the suit on grounds that it’s frivolous.
It’s likely this plagiarism lawsuit will reach the same fate.

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