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Saturday, June 16, 2012

J. Lo's Man Gettin' it in With Another Dude!!

Rumor has it that J.Lo's man, Casper Smart, is cheating with another man.

Jennifer Lopez y su novio Casper Smart.
Casper Smart has allegedly been in a relationship with another man for two years and is still with dude while dating the sexy fiery Latina!

So while the “American Idol” judge provides Casper with a monthly allowance, little does she know she’s funding his relationship with his male lover!

Here’s what I found out:
“Casper Smart is a smart one. He is a big woman – As in, he has a boyfriend JLo knows nothing about. Casper has been involved with this dude for years. The allowance that Casper gets every month, he’s been giving most of it to his boyfriend.

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