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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Illegal Butt Implants - It's BIG Business [See Before and After]

Vanity Wonder shows off before and after pics of her butt implants.  She is currently writing a book about the world of underground cosmetic surgery.

In a raw and honest account, Vanity Wonder, 30, a mother-of-two from America's Midwest, has revealed how she became addicted to silicone shots to increase the size of her behind.

Vanity Wonder
She says the difference in the two substances was huge. The silicone, she says, is 'a lot more moveable and jello-like. The 'soybean oil' made the treated areas 'stiff and hard'.

Describing her butt now, Vanity said: 'Because that original work has been covered so many times, it's all jiggly and very moveable. A lot of people are amazed.'

Though Shot Girls serves as a warning to women who may be tempted by the low cost and fast results of black market injections, Vanity admits many still ask her where she can get them.

'The book review from customers has been 95% positive. It is those who haven't who are critical.'

Though some readers admit that they thought about getting black market butt injections, but now definitely won't, others remain tempted.

'Women are still begging me, "Please tell me where to get them from!"' Vanity admits. 'They are definitely chasing this. 
Vanity Wonder
'That's the reason why women are dying. They are so thirsty for these, they go to whoever they can find. Then people want to exploit this and that's where the problems come in.'

I'm sorry, but this is abnormal.  Who would pay to have this done to their body?

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