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Saturday, June 30, 2012

How to Get Free WiFi Anywhere - Travel App

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Nothing is more inconvenient than checking into a hotel and realizing the wi-fi comes at an extra, often unreasonable, cost. All we want to do is send out a couple of emails, or download a quick file, and now we have to shell out $13.00 to get online for a few minutes? Ridiculous.

Thankfully, 4sqwifi helps us solve this problem. For Foursquare users, 4sqwifi will help you find nearby wifi locations and the passwords to go with them at nearby Foursquare venues. After users log in with their Foursquare ID, a list of all the nearby free WiFi locations will come up.

But not only does the app sniff out free WiFi locations, for the password protected WiFi spots, 4sqwifi will give you its password. Now if all you need to do is sign on for a short period of time, and you won't have to pay a pesky 24-hr usage fee or deal with the hazards of weak phone reception. And if you access a secure WiFi, be nice and don't stay on forever. Remember, accessing someone else's WiFi isn't against the law, it just clutters up a network. So be kind, conserve the free WiFi and sign off after you've sent out that urgent email.

Download 4sqwifi while it's still free, as the developers are looking for ways to monetize the app and might charge users soon.

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