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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How Can I Make Him Appreciate Me?

Has your man stopped appreciating you? Does it seem that whatever great or nice thing you do for him... he somehow thinks that it cost you nothing and that it's just normal? Then you need to awaken your man to his selfish attitude before you get exhausted and totally resentful... and miserable! Are you asking 'how can I make him appreciate me?' Then here are some suggestions on how to make him appreciate you;
(i) Tell him exactly what it is that you need from him. To make him appreciate you then he must know what appreciation looks like to you. We are all different... and therefore appreciation will look different to different people. So what should he do or say so that you feel appreciated? For some women words of appreciation are enough but to others a special treat is what works for them while for others it may be something else. What works for you? Let him know in simple words.
(ii) Tell him immediately you don't feel appreciated. I know that this may sound juvenile or petty but he will not know when he has missed the mark unless you tell him... and get him to correct his behavior.
If you don't feel appreciated but don't do anything about it. If you don't let him know then he will continue taking you for granted... and the resentment you feel towards him will build up and you will become increasingly unhappy... and even ill. You are bottling up your negative feelings and one day you will explode at him or implode inwards and get sick.
If you don't feel appreciated and he ignores or minimizes how you feel. If he doesn't respect how unappreciated you feel then you must get through to him. What will work with him? What has worked in the past when he has changed his behavior? Avoid using methods that may make you feel better in the short term yet without him changing his behaviour.
(iii) Applaud him when he appreciates you and penalize him when he takes you for granted. To make appreciation of you a part of his life you MUST let him know how good and loved you feel when he appreciates you... and how neglected and unloved you feel when he takes you for granted.
To make him appreciate you is harder if you have let him get away with taking you for granted for a long time but if you persist then he will slowly learn to be more appreciative of you.
Rosy Anderson is a socioeconomic researcher who investigates various types of incentives and how they affect behavior.
For a systematic guide on how to get through to your man I strongly recommend these communication secrets so that you can control his behavior and stop getting frustrated by him but if you just want to know what to do so as to be irresistibly attractive to him then use these clues on becoming irresistibly attractive.

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