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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Glasses Vs Contacts

For anyone experiencing poor vision, the great struggle between glasses and contacts has most likely taken place in your head on several occasions! A few decades ago, contacts were scary, and less used because they were so new. However, contacts have now been around long enough, and choosing between the two can officially to considered an actual decision based on preference. So what is your preference? Enjoy this guide as we discuss the pros and cons of both prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses; it's a hard decision, but hopefully this will help a bit!

When contacts first came out, they were a little intimidating for veteran eyeglasses wearers. However, now over forty million Americans alone wear contacts every single day, so they have definitely proved to be a top competitor of the classic eyeglasses. Contact lenses now have several different options to offer - much like how glasses frames come in a multitude of different materials, etc.; you have different types to choose from! Contact lenses are available in daily, weekly, or even a constant pair you can wear and use for everyday use. They certainly have made their mark on society - without blocking your face! You can even opt for colored lenses, and give yourself a new eye color to show off!! So, now that we can trust the use of contacts more, you'd think it'd be an easy decision, but it certainly isn't!

Prescription eyeglasses have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. While they weren't always as light weight, stylish, comfortable - or even hip as they are today, some form of glasses were being used. As the years continued and optical technology advanced, so did our modern-day eyeglasses. While you still physically have an object on your face, they are much less "in the way", and annoying as they once were. Additionally over the past decade or so, glasses have started making a name for themselves - in an opposite direction as the once "geeky" and unwanted-but-necessary accessory. They are cool now. They are far more comfortable, can be made for just about any vision correction needs, and they are actually cool! So, now what are you going to choose?

Many people who experience vision problems choose to have both options: Contacts and eyeglasses in their possession. This allows them to choose day-to-day what they'd like their style, and needs to be! Many people who wear contact lenses on a normal day may keep a pair of cheap glasses handy for times when their eyes are just feeling extra sensitive - like at night after work or school, or on a day when they feel like they have debris that they simply can't remove! Whatever decision you choose - prescription glasses or contact lenses - it might be a good idea to keep both options nearby and handy. Good luck and happy shopping!
Hillary Glaser is the Director of Marketing and Special Projects for - the easiest way to buy glasses online. She over sees day-to-day operations for all marketing and promotions of eyeglasses for the company.

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