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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Face-eating Victim Up and Walking Around - Still Has A Long Road to Recovery

Recovery: Ronald Poppo, the Miami Cannibal victim, is pictured for the first time in hospital after the horrific May 26 attack which left most of his face eaten off
The homeless man who had 80% of his face chewed off in a horrific attack along a busy Miami highway is now 'awake and alert', according to doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center.

A photograph shown to reporters today portrayed Ronald Poppo walking down a hospital hallway, supported by hospital staff on either side of him.

The man had his left eye removed but doctors are hoping to restore vision in his right eye, which was also severely damaged in the attack.

'He's pleased to report to all of you that he's feeling well, he's eating, he's walking around with physical therapy, he's talking with us,' said Nicholas Namias, a University of Miami trauma surgeon'

A photo released by the hospital shows the upper two-thirds of Poppo's face covered in scabs. 

He's missing his nose and both eye sockets were covered, one with gauze and one with what appeared to be a skin graft.

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