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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chris Brown vs. Brian McKnight Fight

Chris Brown, Brian McKnight Exchange Twitter Jabs
Not a physical fight, but definitely a match - on Twitter y'all.  And McKnight gets real loose with his lips, if you ask me. 

McKnight released the song “Ready to Learn,” for a porn site, and a whole lot of people had something to say about it.  McKnight didn't bite his tongue when he began taking to Twitter to defend his musical choices against the negative comments.  

Recently, on Sat June 2, McKnight tweeted "Since everyone's so opinionated I'm taking suggestions on what I should do next I'm thinking rent a lambo and beat the s**t outta my girl... That's acceptable these days,” in reference to Chris Brown’s infamous battery against Rihanna. He then went on to tweet, “Or maybe have sex with a 14 year old girl and film it that's acceptable these days,” in a jab at R. Kelly. 

He even referenced boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr when stating, “Or let the court system let me make 35 million before I do my 87 days in a private cell for domestic abuse that’s acceptable these days." McKnight later cleared up what his intentions were when making these statements: “I meant no disrespect to anyone I was merely pointing out that in today's society anything goes and WE Are all to blame (in) the end.” 

But McKnight’s comments rubbed Chris Brown the wrong way. “"I see how this works now. When peoples careers get to the 'nobody cares' stage they use my name for publicity! Lol," Brown tweeted. He went on to say, "I can't keep helping these old n**gas. It’s a miracle the way I'm bringing the dead alive! I would've gladly wrote you something that would make u look less irrelevant!", because, Chris says, “Listening to "let me show u how ur P works"!!!! THAT S--- IS TRASH! If u need help just ask!," in reference to McKnight’s controversial song. 

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