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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bruce Jenner Walks Out on Kris

 Kris, 56, is so fixated on fattening the family coffers that, according to a source: “Bruce recently cried to his wife, ‘You love money more than me!’”
Jenner, 62, built his own fortune after winning an Olympic gold medal in 1976, and the source said he’s nearly ready to call it quits over Kris’ nonstop money grab.
“Bruce feels Kris is throwing him over for fame and fortune,” said the source, a production insider on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”
“He feels unloved and unappreciated, and he’s so close to his breaking point that friends worry he and Kris could wind up divorcing!”
The couple’s woes even played out on the family’s reality TV show, with a neglected Bruce abandoning their bedroom to sleep downstairs in the garage.
And after a particularly nasty blowup with greedy stage mom Kris, Bruce walked out and stayed at the house of stepdaughter Khloeand husband Lamar Odom for two days while they were out of town – just to see whether anyone actually missed him.
When he finally went back home, Kris scolded him for neglecting the family!
In protest, Bruce boycotted the April 23 opening of the New York restaurant co-owned by stepdaughter Kourtney’s beau Scott Disick. He was a no-show as the others attended. Even stepdaughter Kim’s new honey, rapper Kanye West, made an appearance.
As The ENQUIRER has also reported, Bruce stormed out on Kris after a blazing fight over fears that she’s turning their youngest daughters – Kendall, 16, and Kylie, 14 – into sexed-up “Kardashian robots.”
In a desperate bid to fix their union, Kris started talking to therapists and marriage counselors, say sources. She’s already endured one nasty divorce from late O.J. Simpson pal and attorney Robert Kardashian, who accused her of cheating on him and blasted her for her spendthrift ways.
But despite Kris’ attempts to save the marriage, the two are still battling over money, the source said.
“Kris spends like a madwoman, yet she keeps Bruce on a meager weekly allowance,” revealed the source. “If they split, you can bet Kris would take Bruce to the cleaners!”
Kris takes a hefty 10 percent management fee for running the family empire, which brought in a staggering $65 million in 2010. Her current net worth is $50 million, while Bruce has amassed $80 million, according to sources.
“Bruce earned his millions after he won the Olympic decathlon,” said the source. “He cut endorsement deals with corporate brands and starred in his own video game, but his glory days are long behind him.
“After they married, Kris convinced Bruce to give her control of his finances and business management. She got her mitts into his pockets early. Since they don’t have a prenup and live in California, Bruce and Kris should end up with a 50/50 split of their $130 million fortune. But there are a lot of legal loopholes that can be manipulated, so it could still wind up looking like World War III if it comes to a divorce.”

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