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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Understanding the Symptoms of MS in Women

Multiple sclerosis is still an extremely strange disease. Nobody is certain why most people with MS are female, but we recognize that spotting the symptoms of MS in women is vital if these people are going to get a fast MS diagnosis. The earlier MS is diagnosed, the sooner multiple sclerosis treatment can start. This is a necessary factor in identifying how well a patient is able to maintain well being when managing MS. Multiple sclerosis is a degenerative autoimmune condition. Nobody understands why it expands, and there's no evaluation to ascertain who is the most at risk for acquiring it yet. Actually, there is not also a single test for MS, itself. MS diagnosis is based on a patient interview, physical exam, and diagnostic imaging. If, soon after all of these steps, a patient demonstrates evidence of neurological conditions that can't be produced by another illness or injury, then they may be identified with multiple sclerosis.
In MS, the immune system turns on the body itself. Rather than shielding the body against invaders, like viruses or bacteria, it starts to attack the nervous system, ultimately disintegrating the myelin sheaths that cover nerves, producing nerve damage. Scarring in the nervous system is what brings about the variety of symptoms and these symptoms vary depending on what nerves become destroyed. Roughly two thirds of MS patients are women, and scientists still don't understand why. All humans have immune systems, so, all other things being equal, it is reasonable to expect that there would be an equal number of men with multiple sclerosis as women. Having said that, this is not the way it is. Research into why, and just what results in MS, is still ongoing.
Many of the symptoms of MS in women are physical. Things such as balance problems, muscle weakness, pain, spasms, or vision problems are all common. Various other symptoms aren't, and MS can bring about memory problems, fatigue, and depression, among other things. Most likely, these symptoms of MS in women will appear in unexpected attacks. For some patients, they may arise slowly after some time as nerve damage accumulates.
How the symptoms of MS in women show up often influences how fast an MS diagnosis is achieved. Since multiple sclerosis impacts the nervous system, the symptoms of MS in women may be easily wrongly diagnosed for symptoms resulting from another neurological condition, or even an injury. This is especially valid if symptoms form steadily. Without having a simple test for MS, MS diagnosis relies upon working with a good physician who is experienced with acknowledging the symptoms of MS in women. MRIs can indicate which areas of the nervous system have been attacked, but it is depending on the doctor to figure out other creates before they can point the finger at MS.
Soon after the symptoms of MS in women have been appropriately recognized and identified, multiple sclerosis treatment usually starts right away. Any postponement in treatment just leaves added time for the immune system to carry on to invade the nervous system, resulting in more damage and more severe symptoms. Therefore rapid treatment can slow down how MS advances before it has a chance to result in more damage, resulting in much better analysis for the patient.
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