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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

THE SPOTLIGHT: Ingrid Harrell - "Thickness Clothing Company"

The Spotlight was created to showoff black business women turning ideas into profit, and making things happen!

Thickness Tees, was created by Ingrid Harrell, who grew up just down the street from me, so this Spotlight is pretty special.

I asked Ingrid how she came up with the idea and she pointed me to the About Me page of her site.  Inspired by years of being acknowledged for her thickness, Ingrid decided to take this to another level and create a business:

"Thickness Clothing Company ...aka... Thickness Tees, was initially created to showcase the beauty of a thick woman. Ever since I can remember, I was always called "Thickness".  "Heyyyy Thickness..."  "How you doin, Thickness!" (Me, always rolling my eyes...Lol!)
But one day I said to myself...hmmm...that would be a great t-shirt!  And here I am!  Embracing the skin that I'm in!  And to be honest, I'm addicted to t-shirts, but could never find one that told my story and that honestly had a nice fit. "Celebrate your Thickness!" I do!"  
"Celebrate your Thickness!"   
What a bold and powerful  line, especially for those of us who aren't a size 2, me included.  

 I encourage my readers to visit the site and support my sista gurl, Ingrid Harrell, at   

Let the world know that you're proud of who you are, inside and out by rockin' a Thickness Tee!

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