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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ray J's Hospitalization: Stress or Drug Abuse

After issues with security and Pat Houston over seating at the Billboard Music Awards, Ray J apparently had an even tougher night because the next morning he was found “out of it” in his hotel room and he couldn’t get out of bed. An ambulance was called because the singer was so disoriented and he was immediately taken to the hospital.
According to TMZ, the cause for the hospitalization was a combination of exhaustion and stress. In the entertainment world, we know exhaustion is usually code for drug abuse but Ray J did have a pretty hectic schedule this past weekend. On Sunday, he had just returned from a 32-hour round trip to China and when he landed he immediately drove four hours to Las Vegas for the awards show. Add that to Pat’s shenanigans during Whitney Houston’s tribute and you can see how Ray J would be a bit out of sorts.
As of yesterday, Ray J was still in the hospital with no word on when he would be released. 

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