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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Heart Intuition - 100% Accurate Information to Guide Every Choice in Life

We've all heard it a million times before; "Listen to your heart." And while this is a bit of a cliché, there turns out to be some very solid truth nestled beneath the sugary, romantic coating of this saying.
In fact, the more we find out about the human heart, and the power of heart intuition, the more complex we find that this body part really is. We've known for centuries that the heart provides life to the body, through the continuous pumping of blood. But, as it turns out, the heart also imparts life energy in ways that we never dreamed before.
The rhythm of life
As you know, our lives, our very consciousness and power, emanates from the rhythm of the Universe. Now think about the one source of vibration and rhythm that is built into our physical bodies - the heart. It only makes sense that this organ, which provides a constant tempo to our lives, also holds the key to true knowledge, understanding and power.
The heart is so powerful that leading researchers have even found that the heart contains its very own nervous system and brain. In other words, when you are led by your heart intuition, you are being led by a vastly intelligent source of wisdom and information; one that has been with you since your lungs first drew air.
Energy Transfers
When you hear the old sayings about broken hearts and someone capturing a person's heart, it's easy to get caught up in romantic imagery, but there is so much truth to these statements that it is downright startling. You see, as we human beings communicate and interact with each other, there is far more going on beneath the surface than we ever consciously take the time to appreciate.
For example, have you ever met someone and felt that you just clicked on a level that you didn't understand. Maybe you even felt that your energy and that person's energy were completely in sync.
That is your heart intuition, telling you that you've found a kindred soul, a guide, a lesson teacher or, possibly, a lover or soul-mate. Our hearts disperse and receive energy and when that energy is vibrating on the same level with another person's - the real magic of communication between two beings begins to happen. This is much deeper than storybook love, and much stronger than simple physical attraction could ever be.
Tune into Your Heart's Wisdom
While the brain supplies logic and stores information, it's important to get beyond thinking with your brain only. In fact, many people walk around depressed, anxious and out of sorts, because their hearts are crying out to be heard, but people just don't take the time to listen, and act on, the infinite knowledge that their hearts are passing on to them.
Spend your quiet times and times of meditation focusing on listening to your heart intuition. Learn to cultivate positive, creative power by focusing your thoughts on being guided by your heart. And the next time you face a big decision, and feel that pull coming from your heart, don't weigh the logic of the decision, simply trust your heart intuition and move forward. Then you will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you have made the right decision.
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