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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grilling Tips - Grilling a Delicious Chicken Breast

Grilling chicken breasts seems simple at first, but actually it's not that easy to grill them, the breasts are easy to overcook and then they become dry and distasteful, and if they are under cooked you are risking yourself with food poisoning and we certainly don't want that to happen.

It's important to not overcook just one side while grilling the breasts, many make that critical mistake, It's important to avoid overcooking just one side, just notice the time you cook and the heat you cook at.
Here's how you can grill chicken breasts properly every single time:

Let's begin with the preparations!

Clean and remove excess fat and small pieces of meat from the chicken breasts to create an even pieces, so they could grill evenly. Pound the breasts using a hammer until they are about one inch thick (2.5cm) that will ensure that the breasts will be nice and even when grilling.

Marinating and Spicing:

Marinating is the way to make great grilled chicken breasts. It'll ensure that the breasts retain it's moistness and prevent them from drying and become distasteful.

Make sure to add sweetness like sugar/honey to the chicken breasts' marinade to create a crispy and tasty outer layer.

Make sure you wash and clean the breasts before cooking them.

Mix a half cup of sugar or honey, and a half cup of sea-salt, also add two tablespoons of vinegar, all these ingredients should be mixed with 8 cups of water and is enough for five chicken breasts to grill.
Mix everything in a bowl or a bag and leave for 30 minutes, but no more than an hour.
Remove the breasts from the marinade and cover them with herbs and spices to your liking (no need to add salt).

Now let's start grilling.

Make sure the grill is at a high temperature, oil the grid and place the meat on the grill instantly after removing them from the marinade and covering with spices and herbs.

Grill the breast for no more than 2-3 minutes evenly each side, that's why we made them even.
Don't flip the breasts more than once, make sure they grill is very hot first!

Over cooking by one 1 minute can make the breasts distasteful and dry, therefor you have to make sure the grill is very hot and do not cook the chicken breasts more than 3 minutes.

May this recipe serve you and your family, and make all your BBQ days out delicious.

Be careful while grilling, please make sure to clean up after yourself if you are going outside with the family and make sure the coals are cold when you are leaving.

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