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Monday, May 28, 2012

Flava Flav Facing Jail Time: Owes over $100k in Child Support

The mother of three of Flava Flav's seven children is looking for him to pay up the $111,186 she claims he owes in child support according to the NY Daily News, and failing to do so could lead to a 180-day jail sentence.
An Albany County magistrate recommended the jail sentence and the revocation of his driver’s license and passport after the aging hip-hop star failed to show up for a hearing this week, county officials said.
“It was declared a willful violation,” an official said of Drayton’s failure to pay child support.
William Jonathan Drayton Jr is Flav's real name.
The rapper, who rose to fame as a member of the 1980s group Public Enemy and became known for the phrase “Yeah boy,” must appear in Albany Family Court on June 19.
Drayton, 53, did not respond to a message left for him at his Las Vegas soul food restaurant, Flavor Flav’s House of Flavor.
Drayton’s Bronx lawyer was also unavailable for comment.
Under a support agreement, Drayton is required to pay $837.72 a week to Angie Parker of Albany to support the couple’s three children.
The looming jail sentence is not the first time Drayton has been in trouble for failing to support his children.
In 2010, Parker went to court to force Drayton to pay $63,458 he owed at the time.
A year earlier, another woman who had children with Drayton, Karen Ross-Fortunate, accused him in the media of failing to support his children.
This shouldn't be a shock - I mean, has he ever paid child support?  

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