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Monday, May 7, 2012

5 Things You Have To Know About a Safe Internet For Kids

Are you a parent who worries about your kids' safety online?
Do you work your hardest to keep them out of harm's way?
In the modern technology of the World Wide Web, more and more children are becoming Internet savvy. The web is a priceless tool for information and communication, but it can also be a dangerous place for your child. And keeping your kids safe online is indeed a big challenge for every parent these days.
Here are the 5 Things You Have to Know about Safe Internet for Kids:
• Teach them how to use the web - it is important to show your child how to use the web for the first time, as they may get overpowered by the things it provides them. Your kid might make heavy mistakes and learn from it only when it's too late. The first part a parent should teach their child is to show them how the web is used properly, and explain things they can or can't do while online. Be sure to keep a close eye on your child and do not let them go unsupervised.
• Warn them about posting personal information - Kids are more prone to give information to strangers that should never be revealed online. Explain to your child what information should never be shared like: full name, date of birth, phone number, address - even their school and sports team they play for, as these are giveaways for predators to find them instantly.
• Explain the dangers of posting pictures online - the popularity of social media has got kids posting their pictures non-stop - whether in a group picture or a self-cam (self-camera). A parent should inform their children not to post pictures on the web or send them to any stranger online. It is vital that any photo they post online should not have any information in them such as car registration details, street address or anything that reveals to an online predator where they can locate your kids.
• Teach them not to arrange secret meetings - one of the major cautions for the safety of kids is to teach your children never to arrange any meeting with anyone they just met online. Parents should let their child know about the dangers if an online acquaintance tries to set up a secret meeting, because online predators works carefully for your child's trust.
• Tell them to report any online problems to you - if your kids feel uncomfortable about something online, come across inappropriate chats, photos and emails sent by someone or anything that made them feel uneasy - tell your kids to report it immediately to you. Kids should know that they have a trusted adult to whom they can confide in. Reassure your children that you will help and support them for any problem they encounter.
It is important to keep the channels of communication open with your children, and make them feel comfortable talking to you about anything in their daily lives. The power to keep your child safe lies not in any online tool, but through the love and guidance of good parents.
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