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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why Prepaid Phones Are a Great Option in a Phone Market That Is Shifting So Often

Prepaid phone companies always try to offer the lowest deal to win over customers; because of this,consumers that are prepaid customers are likely to change the deal they are on. The great thing about prepaid phones there are no contracts, and porting a phone number is usually not a problem.
Given that you can chop and change providers as many times as you like, if you're trying to save some dollars a great way to start as the monthly phone bill is one of the reasons we have a hard time getting ahead in this economy.
Consumers who stay on postpaid plans can often fall into the trap thinking that the phone network is superior on a plan, when in actual fact, there is no difference what so ever. Now I am not trying to write of all postpaid plans because there are some plans that represent good value, but this is rare from my experience.
The most common misunderstanding is that there is something technically wrong or inferior about a prepaid phone. This may have been the case in the early days when phones had little to no features, but as of the last few year this is anything but the case. Prepaid providers have a large range of smart phones and cell phones to suit all consumers. Of course if you absolutely must have the latest and greatest phone and don't have the cash to purchase it outright, then a plan is going to be one way to get that phone by paying it off over several months or years.
When you go shopping in a supermarket, for example, it can be hard to find people to help you work out which prepaid plan to get, as they are not paid like the staff that sell contracts on high commission rewards to try to push phone plans. Since there are no commissions, the savings are passed on to you the consumer.
One of the most effective ways to work out which prepaid plan to get, is to do the research yourself. There are many websites that are designed to help you find the best prepaid phone plan by comparing the plans side by side as well.
Take the time to compare the different plans that are available on prepaid because often even more dollars can be saved when you delve into the fine details of each of the plans.
Dan is a contributor to Wontek. With a passion for all things prepaid and showing people how to save money he is highly respected in the prepaid phone industry. The best way to save on prepaid phones at the moment is a sim card from Straight Talk with a unlimited plan. Compare prepaid cell phone plans yourself at Wontek.

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