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Friday, April 6, 2012

What Do You Think of Ice T's New Video "Smoovin" - He's Promoting KnightPFK

When is the last time you seen Ice T in a music video? Finally the time has come for Ice T to promote KnightPKF’s new music video entitled “Smoovin”. This video draws so much attention to the hip-hop society.
The music video, ‘Smoovin” features Ice T’s cameo appearance in the beginning, as well as J Bonkaz in the entire video.
KnightPKF is a New York-based hip-hop artist who lyrically exposes his struggles and started to ring bells in the Brooklyn streets as a rapper. Later he appeared in music videos of his peers who were rising along with him such as Lil’ Mama, in which he appeared in her music video ìG Slideî, and super producer Timberland’s hip-hop artist, John Doe “Apple Juice” music video.
Not wanting to wait for a major record deal Knight came about with his own record label, Plenty Kash Flow Entî with Knight being the first artist on the label. Knight’s first released single ìYou and Iî produced by super producer “Bonkarz” who has produced for fellow NYC rapper “50 Cent”, expressed Knight’s true emotions towards women, while it also had the men fully relating.

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