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Friday, April 27, 2012

There Is A GAY ATTACKER On The Loose In NEW YORK . . . He Finds THUGS That Are HIGH OR DRUNK . . . And MOLESTS THEM!! (Pics Of The PERVERT In Action)

If you are a MAN in New York, and you enjoy getting HIGH or DRUNK out in public - we have a warning . . . WATCH YOUR BOOTY!!! learned that there is a ROGUE PERVERT on the loose in BROOKLYN. According to a tipster a BROOKLYN MAN is going around MOLESTING dudes . . . who are either TOO HIGH or TOO DRUNK to defend themselves.
In the below pic the PERVERT is spotted MOLESTING a dude who was HIGH . . . and trying to buy cigarettes from a local store.
The tipster, who saw the MOLESTATION, spoke to the store owner - who claims that the PERVERT is well known . . . and he does that OFTEN TO NEIGHBORHOOD dudes. The store owner claims that he TOLD POLICE about the matter.
And this pic was taken in THE HOOD. The Bodega where it all went down is outside THE PINK HOUSES, a notorious PROJECT in East NY Brooklyn.
Fellas . . . go easy on the WEED OR THE BROWN JUICE . . . until police apprehend this pervert!!!

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