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Monday, April 23, 2012

Rick Ross Gets Pulled Over by the Police ON A YACHT!!BOAT!!!

Rick Ross Pulled Over For Marijuana By Police While On Yacht

You must be gettin' some kinda high to get pulled over by the police on a boat!  But then again, we're talking about none other than Rick Ross.

In fact, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were very close to arresting Rick Ross and the rest of the people on the Miami rapper's yacht earlier this week.

TMZ reports that officers flagged down Ross' boat on Thursday (April 19) after noticing the odor of weed.
Police boarded the vessel and conducted a search, but were unable to find anything.
A representative for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission indicated that a member of Ross' crew admitted to smoking weed on board and throwing it overboard when he saw the police.

The representative indicated that because the officers were unable to find any marijuana on board, no arrests were made and there will be no further investigation.

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