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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Is Toya's Mom Homeless and Begging in New Orleans

"Today I was buying some crawfish from a local store here in New Orleans and here comes Nita, Toya's mom, begging everyone to buy her a pound of crawfish. It was just sad all the way around.
Everyone was basically ignoring her and after a few minutes of her ranting about how no one loves her and how her daughter just used her (ppl were saying she should call up toya and wayne for money) she started begging everyone for spare change to pay for a shelter for the night.
I personally would never let this happen to someone in my family but its just sad to know that her family has so much and they don't help her."
Wow . . . sad. We really hope that ain't Nita. But she did have a MAJOR crack problem. The truth is family can give her as much money as she wants, but if she doesn't want to change, she won't.  Toya has tried to help her numerous times, so no one can blame her for her mother's actions.  

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