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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Feng Shui Tips To Spring Clean Your Life

Depending on whether you view the seasons with a western or eastern mindset today signifies either the first day of spring or the mid point of spring. Personally for me it is the middle of spring when the cycle of the seasons start to move towards summer and the first buds appear on the trees showing the promise of the fruit to come. I love all the seasons but if I was to choose one over all the others it would probably be this one, the season when the daylight hours start to get longer, the weather gets gradually warmer and the world as a whole gets greener.

Whether you consider today the first day of spring or the middle of spring no doubt the thoughts of many have turned towards giving the home a thorough spring clean. There is something about spring that makes us want to open our home, letting as much of the new light and warmth enter through our doors and windows as we possibly can. The act of spring cleaning is thought to have originated in Persia when on the first day of spring people "shook the house" to bring good luck for the season ahead. Our reasons for spring cleaning today are more mundane, it is the first opportunity we have after the cold and wet winter to give the house a "good fettle" as my grandma would have said. But like the Persians we can also use this as an opportunity to bring luck and abundance in to our home.

One of the principles of Feng Shui, and one of the easiest ways in which we can attract harmony, balance and good luck to our lives, is to have a home which is clean, well maintained and free of clutter. Which is exactly what we aim to achieve when we give our home a spring clean. By giving our home a spring clean we are automatically helping to refresh and revitalize the positive energy in our home, helping it to flow and circulate more easily. Think about how you feel after you have had a relaxing bath,or spent a few days giving your body a detox. This is how your home feels once you have swept away the cobwebs, polished the floors, repainted the front door and mended the leaky tap that has been driving you mad all winter. It feels better, refreshed and the energy inside is more positive.

If you want to attract more good luck and abundance to your life, and in the process give your home a good spring clean, following the principles below will give you and your home a head start. And you and your home are sure to feel better as a result.

Make sure the entrance way to your home is well maintained and free of clutter. The front door is where positive energy enters and you want nothing to get in the way. Give the door a fresh coat of paint or varnish, strip away any dead plants that are at the front of your property and inside make sure all those winter coats in the hallway are put in a wardrobe.

Walk around your home making a note of anything that does not work as it should. Winter always tends to bring some household problems such as leaking pipes or damaged fences or tiles. Ensure that anything that is not in good repair is mended or replaced as soon as possible.

Clear away the clutter. Move any boxes, papers or anything that you do not use regularly to somewhere safe and out of way. If you have anything that you don't need give it away or sell it. When you are moving items do not store them in a corner of the room, in a little used room or under the bed. Energy needs to circulate throughout the whole of your home and if you block it you may end up having difficulties in the area of your life where the blockage is.

Give everything a polish to make it shine, paying particular attention to any glass or crystals that you have in your home as the surfaces of these can get cloudy. Cleaning and polishing your belongings has the effect of recharging the energy in your home.

Finally once you have spring cleaned your house walk around it with an incense or smudging stick giving thanks for the security and happiness that your home provides. Focus on your hopes and desires for the coming few months and ask your home for it's help and support as you work towards your dreams.
Andrew James Laycock is a Feng Shui teacher and trainer, writer on spiritual thinking and owner of SoulSpirit Gifts an online retailer of spiritual, mystical and new age gifts. Andrew coaches and trains people on the principles of Feng Shui all over the world. When he is not delivering coaching and training sessions Andrew lives in the beautiful countryside of South West France where with his partner he hosts mind, body and soul training courses and writes articles and blogs.

To find out more about Feng Shui and to enable you to use it in your own life please visit Andrew's blog at This is updated weekly and includes free articles and free training sessions on Feng Shui. For a huge range of new age gift ideas including candles, charms, crystals, divination tools, feng shui enhancers, jewellery and tarot cards please visit

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