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Monday, April 2, 2012

Did OJ's Son Do It? Where's the Glove, Let's See if it Fits....

A new book makes the claim that O.J. Simpson might not be guilty in the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman.
“O.J. Is Innocent And I Can Prove It” written by William C. Dear is going with the Plan B strategy, by casting the suspicious eye towards O.J.’s son, Jason Simpson.  The Texas private investigator says he has spent six years gathering evidence linking Jason Simpson to the now infamous double murder.  In a search through O.J.’s garbage and an abandoned storage locker, Dear found the hunting knife that forensics experts verified as the murder weapon.
He also found photographs of Jason Simpson wearing a knit cap, similar to one that was discovered at the crime scene. Prosecutors were unable to link the hat to OJ Simpson.
Jason Simpson does seem to share a penchant for violence like his father.  Dear says two months before the murders, Jason Simpson assaulted his girlfriend.
What do you think?

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