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Monday, April 16, 2012

Did Nicki Minaj Have a Nervous Breakdown? spoke with a member of rapper Nicki Minaj's camp, and they are WORRIED about Nickis MENTAL STATE.
According to our insider, Nicki has been WORKING EXTREMELY HARD lately - and there are signs that she may have had a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN. Here's what we know. Nicki has been working practically 24 hours a day, for the last month promoting her latest album.
And the strain and EXHAUSTION is starting to wear on her. For example, last week, Nicki cut short a NUMBER OF INTERVIEWS - when she didn't like the reporters questioning. And on Friday, Nicki gave a MAINSTREAM INTERVIEW where she told Diane Sawyer that she wanted to "KILL HER FATHER."
But yesterday, everything came to a head. It all started out when Nicki's NUMBER ONE fan site,, posted LEAKED music - from Nicki's NEXT album.
Nicki immediately called the site out, and blocked them as a TWITTER FOLLOWER. But the site FOUGHT BACK, rallying a number of Nicki fans (her Barbz) against her. The site, and Nicki's former fans began a campaign of BLASTING her, both on Twitter and Facebook.
Nicki Daily then DELETED their site and their twitter page.
Nicki, inresponse to the INTENSE PRESSURE she was under, deleted her Twitter page. Multiple insiders have tried to reach Nicki on her cellphone, but she is COMPLETELY OFFLINE.
We hope she's OK.

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