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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Developing Your Own Information Product - Where to Start

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Perhaps you have been working as an affiliate selling other peoples' products and have decided that you'd like to keep the whole price not just take a percentage. Or maybe you are starting out trying to create a business online. Whatever your situation, you've decided that you want and need to create an information product such as an ebook to help you generate more income and build your business but don't know where to start. I will give you some simple steps to get you well on the way to the first of many products you will create.

1. Decide on the topic.
To create a product that will sell you need to identify who your ideal clients are and what their biggest challenges are. In other words, think about who you want to help and how you want to help them. Ideally you want to talk to someone who falls within your ideal client category to better understand what they need and want. Consider who you already know amongst your family and friends or even a friend of a friend. If no one comes to mind then think about where you could go to meet people in your niche or converse with them online or by phone.

2. Research
Unless you are very experienced and have been interacting with your ideal clients regularly and recently then the next step is to do some research. Find out what products are already out there in your niche market. Choose the top 3 - 5 books or courses and immerse yourself in your topic, making notes as you go along. Record any questions that come to mind as you learn and the answers you find as these will help you create your content. Especially watch out for questions that aren't answered as this could be a golden opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd with your product.

3. Prepare
Either from your research or your existing knowledge, you need to prepare an outline for your product to make the process of actually creating it straightforward and fast. This means identifying the key topics you will cover and deciding on the best order in which to present the information to help your customers grasp and implement what they learn and get great results as easily and quickly as possible. Then for each topic make a list of the main points you would need to cover. You'll find that your outline will be a little goldmine not just for creating your product but also for marketing.

Complete these 3 steps and you will be more than ready to actually create your information product.
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