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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chris Brown's Warning to Ashton Kutchen Regarding Rihanna "BACK OFF"

Chris Brown, was apparently so heated when he got news of Rihanna’s late night hookup with Ashton Kutcher that he sent Ashton a message through their mutual friend Diddy.  The message was simply "Back off!!!!"
I guess that was enough for Kutcher because he did indeed back off.   Not only that, apparently Diddy told Ashton that Chris Brown was dead serious.  And if you saw what Brown did to RiRi's face, he would be smart to take heed to the warning. 
Now my issue with this whole thing is if Brown is so into his current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, why is he so worried about who Rihanna is seeing? Maybe those rumors about them creeping and getting back together aren't rumors at all.
Apparently, the drama doesn't stop there.  Rihanna was so angry about this whole situation that she called Brown and told him to "back off," according to Star Magazine. 
Who knows what the hell is going on.  Is Rihanna trying to get Brown jealous? Why would she want someone who beat the hell out of her?  Some say RiRi is headed down a path of self-destruction, maybe she has taken a liking to get slapped around, or maybe it's all a publicity stunt for Brown, Rihanna and Kutcher.  

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