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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chicago School Board Member Posts Racist Comments on Facebook

Michael Iniquez–from Morton High School District 201 school board in Berwyn, Ill has found himself in the middle of a racially charged controversy. 
The board member put “IT’S FRIDAY N*GGAS” on his Facebook page with the photo of a nearly nude black child dancing. Yeah, we all know how exciting Fridays can be with all kinds of “TGIF” posts going around all the social networks, but Iniquez took his excitement a little too far…left field.
Iniquez wasn’t trying to take the blame for the message, claiming his 15-year-old son posted the message/photo. He did, however take the blame for other questionable messages on his Facebook page–calling the Chicago White Sox field a “ghetto.”The messages have since been deleted from Iniquez’s Facebook.
“Certainly, if these allegations are true, he has no place on this school board,” Robert Pauly, president of the parent group Berwyn CARES, told the newspaper.
An internal investigation is underway, led by the Town of Cicero, where Iniquez works as the head of rodent control.
Should Iniquez be let go?  I say hell yeah.....

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