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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Transgender Performer, 'Pasha Nicole' Real Name 'Christopher Lynch' Jailed for 30 Years For Pimping A Teenager

Christopher Lynch, who performed as Pasha Nicole, will have to serve at least 14 years of his 30-year sentence in jail

Lynch dancing on stage as a drag queen with the name Pasha NicoleA drag performer has been handed a 30 year prison sentence after forcing an underage girl to have sex every day for nearly three months.

Christopher Lynch, who performed under the name of Pasha Nicole, cried throughout his sentencing in Atlanta as the court heard graphic details about the case.

He forced a transgender teenager into prostitution, supplying crack cocaine, creating graphic photos and video of her and driving her to meet people who would pay for sex.

He will have to serve 14 years of the 30-year sentence handed to him for pandering by compulsion, two counts of sexual exploitation of a child and one count of pimping a minor, reduced from human trafficking.

Superior Court Judge David Emerson said: 'It is clear that you were involved in it at great lengths and basically made it a criminal enterprise.

Prosecutor Rachel Ackley said that 'the victim would testify it's the most humiliating thing that ever happened to her in her life.'

The court heard that Lynch forced his victim, identified only as Christiana, into sex with older men.

Before the victim was manipulated into moving into his house Lynch was a sex worker, but that stopped and he turned to Christiana for money.

Lynch cried throughout most of the two-hour sentencing that heard he had forced a 16-year-old boy into sex with 'much older men'

Mrs Ackley said: 'Mr Lynch had found his meal ticket. Anytime the victim walked out of the household [of a client], [Lynch] was sitting with [his] hand out, took the money and fed them cocaine.'

Christiana was forced to live in a closet despite paying the the rent and not being allowed a car of his own.

Lynch lived with his boyfriend, Sam, and Steven Lemery who owned the house and is currently awaiting trial, due to take place later this year.

They used Craigslist to attract up to four clients every day, making them thousands of dollars a week.

'This is not a case of a bunch of teenagers deciding to engage in a team effort of prostitution,' Mrs Ackley added.

“His life has worth and none of these things that happened to him are things that he asked for or things that he deserves. 
'We have a duty to protect young people from this kind of activity. Most 16-year-olds live at home with their parents so they can be protected from people like the defendant.'

As he was handed his sentence, Lynch said: 'I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. It is the first time in four years that I am thinking clearly because I don't have drugs in me. I was wrong. I was so wrong.'

The forced prostitution was came to light in 2011 when victims came forward to tell police about what had happened to them.

Lynch was interviewed by a television news channel and portrayed himself as a bystander. When the interview aired, another victim came forward and told police that he recognised Lynch from Lemery's house.

Lynch is expected to testify against Lemery as part of his sentence conditions.

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