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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Five Signs That He Is Not A Keeper

When it comes to relationships, everyone has their likes and dislikes. Don't be wooed by charm or looks, but be on the lookout for the five signs that he is not a keeper.
1. He is not a gentleman. Now this sounds like it should be automatic, but it's not. When you meet someone who uses profanity like it's part of the normal English language or talks dirty right out of the gate, this is a sign that he is not a keeper.
Imagine taking him around your co-workers and he says something that makes you want to crawl under the table. What about going to a family function and he blurts out profanities in front of your mother and father or great-grandma? Not cool!
2. He makes excuses for his life. At some time or another, everyone gets down on their luck, but a man who has a case of the gonna's, shoulda's, coulda's or woulda's is a big no-no. "I was gonna get this job, but they said I needed a college degree." "I coulda' had that new car, but my credit is bad." I woulda had my own place, but..."
The list goes on and on when it comes to excuses. The bottom line is, you are not looking for someone who can't get right, but someone to make you whole. A man with excuses will never be what you want him to be because he has an excuse for everything that he is not.
3. He always borrows. We've all seen this type of guy. Borrowing money from you and others, borrowing his friend's car... Always using something that belongs to someone else because he has nothing of his own.
There will never be a future with this type of guy because he will nickel and dime you to death. Simply put, you will be the banker, the taxi, the fashion designer, and the caretaker. This is not what a relationship is supposed to be like and you should not settle for it.
4. He continually asks you to be patient. "I'm going to marry you one day, just be patient." "I'm going to get myself together, and when I do, it's you and me." "I'm going to find a job..."
When choosing a mate, it should be someone who you can grow with. Your goals in life should be aligned and you both should be making moves in the same direction. If you find yourself doing all the work, you are wasting your time.
5. His friends always come first. This is a no-brainer, although many women accept it as he needs time to himself.
Let me tell you, if your man would rather hang out with his buddies every weekend and knock on your door at 3 AM when the clubs close - well, we know what that's called, and it's not a relationship.
If you are truly looking for the right man, you first have to determine what qualities you are looking for. Once you have done that, DON'T settle for anything less. Looks and charm - these are qualities that may catch your attention, but should not set the foundation - not if you are looking for a good man.
The next time you meet a guy, or even if you are in a new relationship, keep these five signs in mind. If they are not worth keeping, the signs will come out and very quickly. You see, they want to be sure that you are willing to accommodate them right from the start. And if you're not - guess what? They will scurry on to the next one.
I say, good riddance and good luck - I am not the one.
Kimberly Best, freelance writer, has ghostwritten content in several different niches. If you need content for your web pages or help creating an E-book; let Kimberly express your thoughts through her writing.

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