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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fabolous Out in a Strip Club with $30k in One's - His Date was not Emily... [Video]

All that talk about how Fab wants Emily back - well, it sure doesn't look like it.  He's out at a strip club with his side chick and not trying to hide it either!

If you've been keeping up with Love & Hip Hop, you know that his long time girlfriend and mother of his child moved out after repeatedly being disrespected with Fab's infidelities.  Once Em moved out, Fab began to act like an adult and be a real man, but was this all a show to win her back.

I think Fab wants a woman at home, but he also wants the freedom to go out and do him.  Emily, I say run.....
Leave Fab alone, take is ass to court and get paid.  There is someone out there who can appreciate you - but this man - I'm not going to say he will never change, but he's sure not trying to change at the moment!

Watch this and you decide (Adults only)

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