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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Curing a Yeast Infection Naturally


At one point in her life, a woman is likely to experience vaginal yeast infection. Also known as Candidiasis, this infection occurs when the quantity of "good bacteria" in the vagina decreases relative to the quantity of yeast. The infection causes irritation in the vaginal area, production of a cheesy discharge with a bad odor, and pain during intercourse or urination. Curing a yeast infection naturally is an effective and inexpensive way to relieve the distressing symptoms that characterize this infection. Try using these home remedies one at a time when treating the infection to see what works and what does not for your particular condition.

Herbal Mixtures 
Suitable herbs that relieve you of Candidiasis include chamomile, goldenseal, licorice and black walnut. Herbs have anti- fungal properties to help treat the infection. You may combine these herbs into a herbal mixture and apply directly to the vaginal and vulva area to ease the irritation and reduce the overproduction of yeast. It is also a good idea to use an essential oil such as peppermint, thyme, lavender or tea tree oil when mixing up these herbs.
Yogurt contains the good bacteria (lactobacillus) found in the vagina. Yogurt helps to restore acidity in the vaginal area thus encouraging the growth of good bacteria. To treat or prevent chronic reoccurrence of yeast infection, eat yogurt on a regular basis. You may insert a tampon soaked in yogurt into the vagina to bring this area in direct contact with the lactobacillus from the yogurt. If you decide to use the yogurt tampon method, make sure that the yogurt is natural, unsweetened and is labeled as having live culture.
Garlic has strong anti-bacterial properties. The best way to make use of garlic is by using fresh garlic cloves and consuming them directly. Munch a garlic clove twice a day or crush it and swallow with water or a glass of juice. You may also bring the garlic in direct contact with the vagina by placing the cloves in thin gauze and then inserting it into the vagina. Leave it in overnight and repeat until the infection has cleared out.
Apple Cider Vinegar 
Although you can douche using apple cider, the best way to use this treatment is by diluting the vinegar in a warm bath. Sit in the bath for an hour or two to make sure that the apple cider solution gets into the infected area. For better results, take an apple cider bath twice a day.
Always remember that what you put in your body ultimately affects your health. While treating your condition, keep off sugary foods, baked foods, dairy products and simple carbohydrates. Yeast thrives on sugar and the consumption of high yeast foods such as bread may further aggravate the infection. Bear in mind that, natural treatments for Candidiasis may not be as effective if you do not adopt a healthier diet.
It is easy to confuse vaginal yeast infections with other infections such a bacterial vaginosis, which may require different types of treatment. Before curing a yeast infection naturally, consult a physician who will provide you with a proper diagnosis of your condition. It is very possible for the infection to reoccur if not well treated. But by treating it naturally you can permanently say good-bye to the distress of vaginal infections.

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