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Monday, March 12, 2012

Angelina Jolie's Daughter - Blue Hair, Adorable or Ghetto?

Hands on: The family were seen smiling and joking as they held hands walking down the street

Recently, there was a bit of controversy about Jolie's black child, Zahara, and her braided hair with blue streaks.

Now there is talk that Jolie is over doing it allowing Zahara to wear blue streaks with her braids.

Now it's no secret that 'black' hair and 'white hair' are different.  While you can simply brush fine hair back into a pony tail, coarser hair takes some work.

The question is, is Zahara being allowed to express herself or is Jolie making her stand out from the other family members?

Some even say "making her look ghetto."

You make that call.  Zahara looks happy and healthy, and isn't that really all that matters!

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