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Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to Fix a Malfunctioning Iphone LED Screen?

You might have read many useful articles and discussions that go on and on about tips for maintaining iphone LED Screen, yet you are left with some annoying questions in your mind. Let's have an in-depth analysis of iphone LED Screen and how learn how you can fix malfunctioning iphone LED Screen. 

The iphone LED Screen has a common display with a while LED backlight. The screen is 3.5 inches in length (diagonally) and delivers a medium resolution in addition to 480x320 pixel density display. The screen aspect ratio of iphone LED Screen is 1.50 which is quite lesser than 1.67 by Nexus One and 1.78 of standard widescreen displays. Although these in-depth specifications sound quite interesting but our main in this article is how to fix a malfunctioning iphone LED Screen. So here it goes - If your iphone LED Screen is malfunctioning or not working well; take following measures to fix it:

Check your Iphone LED Screen carefully to notice whether it is cracked or not. In case, you find it broken, you are left with no option other than replacing it with a new one or sending it to the apple store for a repair.  If the screen was cracked at the time you took it out from the box, you will get a warranty replacement. It is worth mentioning that no accidental damages are covered by Apple. In the warranty period is expired, you will have to go to a repair technician to fix your malfunctioning Iphone LED Screen.

If your Iphone LED Screen is okay but still it is malfunctioning, you should start with a simple reset with your iphone. May be your iphone has discharged, so try to recharge it by connecting to the electric power source. 

In case, you see a folder icon on your Iphone LED Screen, there might be software problem. In this condition you should try to restore your Iphone LED Screen.

Chances are very less that your iPhone LED Screen will display a sad icon. However, if it does so, try to erase it and rest your iphone. 

If the contrast setting of your iphone LED Screen is malfunctioning, try to reset your phone back to default settings. Set your contrast settings to default as well. Let the battery of your iphone to get exhaust and don't use your phone for one night. On next day, just recharge the battery and switch your iphone on.  The screen will prompt you to choose your language. After choosing your language, you will notice the "congratulations" message indicating that everything is okay. In case, your iphone LED Screen don't display this message. You will have to replace it with a new Iphone LED Screen. is the best online store selling replacement Iphone LED Screens, Iphone 4s Screens and Apple LCD Screens at the most affordable prices. Shop for LED screens for Apple IPhone 4 Screens online right here! Browse our wide range of Lcd laptop screens today!

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