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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beyonce Leaves Sick Blue Ivy at Home While She Parties Til 4 AM

You've got to admit Beyonce looks damn good for someone just having a baby three weeks ago, but all the talk is about her leaving sick baby Ivy at home so she could go and party.
I don't know about y'all, but three weeks after having a baby and getting up all odd hours of the night, all I wanted to see was a pillow, a blanket, and quiet.  And I sure as heck wasn't wearing anything pushing my lactating breasts up and out.  
Hey, maybe that doesn't happen to celebs, or maybe they have some magic cure to instantly whip your body back into shape three weeks after giving birth.
To add fuel to the fire, Beyonce told reports that her husband's performance was "amazing," yet it was later revealed that she did not attend the performance at all.  What's up with that?
I'm really beginning to wonder if this fake pregnancy thing is true.  A few weeks home pretending I'm recovering and POW - here I am world, just as if I never had a big tummy or just pushed out a baby.
I'm just saying....

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