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Thursday, February 2, 2012

“Basketball Wives” Jennifer Williams Accused Of House Key Theft

evelyn lozada jennifer Williams
The feud between “Basketball Wives” co-stars Jennifer Williams and ex-BFF Evelyn Lozada continues. TMZ is reporting that Evelyn Lozada’s assistant is accusing Jennifer of stealing her house keys and has taken the matter up with the local authorities.
The assistant, Nia Crooks filed a theft report against Jennifer Monday with the Halladale Police Department, claiming Jenn is refusing to return the house keys Nia loaned her two months ago back when they were still friends.
Apparently Jenn has been making threats to Nia since their racetrack scuffle telling her– “watch your back” — and Nia doesn’t feel comfortable with Jennifer having a key to her house. Nia has repeatedly asked Jennifer to return the keys with no luck, so she had no choice but to turn to the cops for help.
Calls to Jennifer have not been returned.
Why are these grown ass women acting like they’re still in high school?? Grow up!

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