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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Secret Source Says Beyonce is Not Having Her Baby in New York

Fans and media outlets have been on baby watch since reports surfaced last week that she had given birth to a baby girl named Tiana-May. These claims were refuted when she was seen "enormously pregnant" on New Year's Eve with husband Jay-Z. 
Now, a source claims that Bey has jetted back home to Houston, Texas to give birth to her first child so that she can be close to her family. The unnamed informant called into 97.9 The Box to make the claims.
"I'm just letting you guys know that a lot of people are saying 'Beyonce's having her baby in New York.' No, she's having it right here [in Houston]. I work at [bleeped out] medical center, she's having it here in Houston. Everyone thinks she's having it in New York, that's why they get so upset because they don't know the real story."
"She's having it here close to her mom. One day this week, probably Friday. She flew in yesterday, she's having it here. Why would she have it in New York? She's from Houston, her mother's here. Her family's here."

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