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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recognize Breast Cancer Symptoms Early To Kill Them

Most of us know that the most important creature of the world women are at life-time risk of developing breast cancer due to various factors among them some are in control, but others are not in control and play a vital role to affect the life of women by causing some of the symptoms that don't appear at initial stage.
In most of the cases these symptoms remain passive and appear at later stage when they can't be managed easily with number of treatment options. It is essential to be in touch with breasts for women to catch these symptoms earlier.
How to Recognize Breast Cancer Symptoms?
There are different ways to catch the breast cancer symptoms at initial stage such as self-examination, clinical examination, breast cancer screening etc. Each type has the advantages and the basic purpose of all these methods is the same and that is to detect the cancer as soon as possible after it attacks a woman.
The emphasis on early detection is due to the fact that it is the only way to treat cancer successfully and to raise the survival rate. Self-examination is the most convenient and easy to do method for getting information about the most delicate and important body part breast.

Women can get adequate information about breast by performing regular self-examination at least once a month as information about breasts will be useful not only to detect the symptoms of breast cancer, but also to catch the other abnormalities that can lead to develop breast cancer.
Self-examination can be performed in the privacy of room without seeking the help of any body. The only thing that is required to perform effective self-examination is the women must be keen observer so that they can distinguish normal and abnormal changes. Another benefit of self-examination is that women have clear idea of how her breasts look and feel normally and it is one of the most important things for women to recognize the breast cancer symptoms.
Breast Cancer Symptoms
These symptoms are observed by most of the women during self-examination
· Skin changes such as appearance of wrinkles and puckers on breast skin.
· Changes of size and shape in some cases it is natural for one breast to be larger than the other one, but in case of sudden change it is essential to know the reason.
· Pain in breast that is persistent and does not go away after some medication as well.
· Nipple changes such as inversion or ulceration.
· Fluid discharge from nipple
· Lump formation in the armpit or any area of breast
· Swelling in any part of breast or in the armpit
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