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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Olivia Speaks Out on the Yandy vs Chrissy Controversy: "I feel stuck in the middle"

Olivia speaks regarding the ongoing feud between her castmates Yandy Smith and Chrissy Lampkin. Olivia admits that she feels stuck between two women that she has a friendship with, and sh edoesn’t know if things are repairable between the two women.
You know what, I do. See, I’ve known Yandy for 8 years. From my Violator days. And we’re friends. And I’ve known Chrissy, well since we first started filming, so for 2 years now,” Olivia told NecoleBitchie. “But with Chrissy it was a fast bond. We just met and clicked and I was like ‘Yeah this is easy’. So when I found out Yandy was joining the cast, I figured because they knew each other though Jim, that it would be good. ‘This should be a breeze, there should be no drama.’ I was wrong. It’s caught me off guard. I do feel completely caught in the middle.”
"Coming from Chrissy’s side you can understand why she’s mad. I mean you see Yandy give her the book,” Olivia continued. “But then you have to know Yandy. She really is a good person. Yandy really was trying to help. And then when we were at the showcase, and Yandy got up to dance to Mama Jones song…You have to understand Yandy has a great relationship with Mama Jones so why wouldn’t she show support and dance to her song? But then you can see why Chrissy’s mad. If you know the song is about Chrissy and you two aren’t on the best term right now, then you can see how Chrissy would take this as a diss. So it’s hard because both sides are equally right to both people.”
Actually the hardest part for me has been the editing,” Olivia added. “They make me seem like I’m two-faced! Perfect example, when I went to see Kimbella and Yandy. The edit made it seem like I agreed that Yandy deserved an apology. When really what I said was ‘Chrissy isn’t going to give you an apology but you really want it then ask this one last time and if you don’t get it then let it go.’ And they made it look like they said she deserved it. So after it aired, I hit Chrissy just to let her know that wasn’t how it happened and you know, she knows how it goes. But the viewers don’t.”

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