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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jennifer Hudson's Wedding....When Is It?

Jennifer Hudson & David Otunga
Jennifer Hudson and her fiancé David Otunga could be exchanging vows sooner than we thought because she’s already got the dress ready.
After a baby, rumors, and wedding plans, the happy couple is planning for that long walk down the aisle, but they’re not giving out any details.
In an upcoming interview on “Dateline,” Hudson tells Lester Holt they’ve got a date, but they’re keeping the juicy bites to themselves.
“Oh, we’ve set the date. We’re just not telling. No, not telling. Some things you keep to yourself,” Hudson says.
But she really gushed about her dress, the most important part of a wedding, besides the bride and groom of course.
“It’s a show. It has three pieces to it. I designed it myself,” Jen shared. “It has a coat for the entrance, and then, when I get ready to walk, you take that part off. And then it’s another dress. And then, by the time I get to the altar, it’s a whole new dress.”

About her hubby-to-be, who’s now a star with World Wrestling Entertainment, she says despite his rough character on camera, he’s a big teddy bear who loves Hudson with every bone in his body.
“[He has] a sweet romantic side, too,” she says of David’s proposal. “He’s very old-fashioned. Something he proved in August of 2008 when he took the opportunity to ask my mom for, you know, permission to propose. And she gave her blessing.”

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