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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Good and Bad Points About Online Home Business: Things You Need to Consider

Recently I have received a bunch of questions asking me about the Good and Bad points of running a home business.
I have worked for myself for 15 years now so certainly have a lot of experience - however I am going to focus this article on the good and bad points of running an Online Home Business as Itruly believe that is the direction the world is headed (or has landed already).
The Definition of an Online Home Business
Might be a silly question, but certainly one worth thinking about.
I am going to give it this definition which is simple and easy to understand.
The Definition of an Online Home Business is one where your business and the tasks performed to manage your business are performed online, using the internet.
Bad Points
Ok, some of you might think it odd that an owner of a business that creates Online Small Businesses is looking at the bad points of running a home business!
Well, the way I see it is that is not in my interest to sell anyone a business that they are going to hate within the first month! That is setting someone up for failure. I have experienced being set up for failure, it is an awful experience and it is not an honest business practice. Read about that in my book!
It is a waste of time starting a home business if you can tick all of the bad points as something you could not live with day to day.
So today I present you with TOP 10 Bad Points of running a home business:
  1. It can be very lonely and easy to feel isolated (and become somewhat of a hermit...)
  2. You can feel you have no support and no-one to turn to for ideas or to bounce off
  3. It may take some time for your business to take off which feels frustrating and stressful
  4. It can cost too much money for online advertising with very little results
  5. You don't get out very often and can feel like you live at work!
  6. It can be easy to work 24/7 and not really take a break
  7. You can become addicted to Facebook and Twitter
  8. You can spend a lot and not earn a lot in return
  9. Life can, and will, become an emotional and financial rollercoaster
  10. Nobody else can take responsibility for a mistake - it is all down to you!
Good Points
However, we would not create Small Home Businesses if they were not successful and worth pursuing.
There are good points, very good points to running a home business. In fact, I could easily write a positive response to every one of the bad points above. It does take time to build an Online Home Business. That is a fact. And working from home - if you have always been an employee, takes a change of mindset. But millions of people would not do it if it did not work and was unfulfilling, right? Right!
Why I love working from home, TOP 10 Good Points of running a home business:
  1. Great flexibility
  2. You are not stuck in a daily routine
  3. Growth possibilities can be endless as you don't have the same overheads as an offline business
  4. Your income is not limited to a 9 - 5 wage and you can run many businesses at once
  5. If you love the computer and being online you will love your home business!
  6. Increased tax benefits
  7. Work at your own pace (not all the time....)
  8. The power is yours - no answering to a boss
  9. No crappy office politics or putting up with other people's emotional baggage at work
  10. And my favorite - MORE TIME WITH FAMILY & FRIENDS!
My business creates an online home business solution that provides ongoing support and great training and assistance. However, in the end, a home business relies totally on you. If you are someone who has the passion, dedication, time and the financial ability to take the risk and start your own home business, then myself and many others would support your decision and say GO FOR IT!

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