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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blue Ivy Carter Gets $1.5 Million in Gifts

Just days old, Blue Ivy Carter is already being showered with gifts running an amazing $1.5 million. Talk about being a golden child. Whoa!
Proud papa Jay-Z, whose song for Blue Ivy is already shooting up the record charts, gifted his daughter with a handmade solid gold Ginza Tanaka rocking horse for $60,000.
And the gifts keep coming. According to The Insider, talk show host Oprah Winfrey sent over a trunk full of children’s books for the little tyke to enjoy.
Below are just a few of the gifts Blue Ivy has received from parents and well-wishers since her birth:
Vetro Lucite Crib – $3,500
Fantasy Carriage Crib – $19,995
Swarovski Crystal Studded High Chair – $15,500
Swarovski Crystal Studded Pink Bathtub – $5,200
Diamond Encrusted Pram – $50,000
Jean Paul Gautier Silk Baby Dress $285
Cashmere Baby Blanket $300
Windmill Playhouse $30,000
And of course, the Carters have decorated nurseries in their three homes to make sure that Blue Ivy is comfortable.
Does anyone else think this is outrageous or are you thinking, if you got it why not?

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