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Monday, January 23, 2012

48 Gang Members Arrested After Bragging About Murders on Facebook...

" Dozens of reputed gang members have been arrested in relation to a string of shootings in Brooklyn. Police say 43 members of two Brownsville gangs were indicted in the shootings, which terrorized several apartment complexes and left at least two dead. The suspects were linked to at least two murders, as well as shootings, robberies and assaults dating back to June of 2010. In one of the homicides, police say an innocent bystander was killed and several other innocent victims were injured when a gang member fired a hail of bullets into a courtyard while seeking out rival gang members. The suspects, some as young as 15, were charged with murder, conspiracy, robbery and other charges. They are reputed members of the Hood Starz of Marcus Garvey Village and the Wave Gang of the Langston Hughes Houses." - ABC 7

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