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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Who's Holding Down 13 Inches....WHOA showed you PHOTOS yesterday of the BEST college football player in the country, Tyrann Mathieu, and some of his SIDE PIECES. After we RAN the story, Tyrann and his GF took to Twitter - calling out some of the TROUBLE MAKING CHICKS.
Well that didn't sit well with Tyrann's jumpoffs. Cause one of them sent us PICS - that are allegedly of Tyrann NEKKID. And we were FLABBERGASTED by the pics. Let's just say . . . we UNDERSTAND why a chick would wanna be with him - and it ain't got NOTHING TO DO with his future NFL contract.
All you folks at work - you might wanna look at these pics on your phone (MTO has a mobile site) - cause they are pretty RACY. And no need waving you boss SNEAK UP BEHIND YOU while you're GAWKING over the man's BODY!!! ADULTS ONLY

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