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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kayne and Drake Beef - What's That All About?

Prepare yourself guys, cause learned that hip hop is about to be in for some new BEEF!! According to one of our most TRUSTED snitches, Drake and Kanye got some SERIOUS BEEF!!! has been hearing for MANY MONTHS, that rappers DRAKE and KANYE WEST don't like each other. Word on the street is that Kanye believes that Drake is STEALING HIS STYLE, and he doesn't like it.
And Kanye flexed his muscles a few months ago - and that move may have ended up costing Drake MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

You'll recall that Drake's album Take Care, was supposed to come out on his BIRTHDAY October 24th - to coincide with the release of his OCTOBERS VERY OWN clothing line. Well's insider claims that Kanye pulled a B*TCH MOVE - and got Drake's album PUSHED BACK.
The insider told, "Kanye West [had some samples] that were going to be on Drake's album - but at the last minute he wouldn't clear it - and they had to be removed from the album."
Drake's album was DELAYED for three weeks - causing UPHEAVAL in his release schedule. And according to one celebrity insider, likely cost Drake MILLIONS of dollars.
And Yeezy's not done messing with his younger rap rival. We're told that he has already penned a new Drake DISS TRACK - that will be on his next album.
Dang . . . sounds like Yeezy is just HATING to us . . .

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