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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jay-Z Wants Bullet Proof Vehicle for Bey and His Unborn Child...Really!

Jigga isn’t taking any chances with the safety of his woman and unborn child. He wants them riding around in bulletproof cars:
JAY-Z is planning to splash out on an armored vehicle to protect his unborn baby.
The rapper’s wife Beyonce Knowlesis pregnant with the couple’s first child and Jay-Z is so determined to keep the child safe, he has asked Tom Cruisefor advice on the safest mode of transport for the family.
“Jay is looking at action-movie style vehicles like Tom’s and wants to make sure they are bullet-proof and 100 per cent safe, ” a source said.
“He won’t be taking any risks that’s for sure.”
In addition to the armored car, Jay-Z, 41, is also planning to splash out on a new home for him and his family in Florida and has told Beyonce money is not an object.
“They went house hunting together last week and he made it clear that she can pick whichever one she likes,” said the source. “All Jay will care about is that it’s secluded and very well protected. Other than that so long as Bey loves it, he will too.
“He said to her that even if the house of her dreams costs him $24 million, he’ll buy it. He sees it as a thank you for making his dream to be a father come true.”
Wait a minute, doesn't he already have a son?

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